mistress candice

Mistress Candice, The wicked hypnotist presents you with a new way to purchase! A guilt free way to enjoy and allow the twisting and tweaking of you Psyche!

 Donate to either of these two Charities, send me a copy of the receipt via email along with the name of the recording you would like and you I will send you the recording of your choice from the selection below! Not only will you be doing something good for the community you will get a nice break on the price! Click the link and get all the info you could need and a free sample of the file, not to mention see how much you will be saving!


Donate $25.00 to one of these.....



Then Pick one of these recordings.....




Send me a copy of the donation receipt....make sure the email address on your donation matches the email address I am sending your recording to along with your chosen file.  Then I will send the file! Easy Peasy! Send to candice@wickedhypnotist.com